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Bots Of Gamer is a telegram project owned and created by thegamerrr with the purpose of developing some bots to help users in daily things.

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Down here there are just some of our features!!

Fast Response

Our Support Team responds to supports via @BOGSupportBot as quickly as possible.

Constant Updates

We release constant updates for our bots, to release new features and stay up-to date with the Telegram BotAPI.

User decisions

Every time we want to make an important choice, we publish a poll on our dedicated channel to let you users help us choose how to proceed.

Multi Languages

Our bots currently support more than 15 languages, but can increase if you want to help us with the translation into your language, just contact us!!

International Channels

Our Network have many different News Channels, you can find the one dedicated to your language here ยป Click Here!

International Staff

Join our international Support Team, comprised of dedicated volunteers from around the globe. We welcome new members to join our ranks! If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us via @BOGSupportBot. You can find our official Support Team list publicly available at @BOGSupporter.

BotsOfGamer is more than just a telegram channel.

Inside @BotsOfGamer you can find useful bots for managing your group, your service or even to let your users play and have fun.

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Bots List

Next you can find the list of all bots within the BotsOfGamer family.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

I think I'm in the BOG Blocklist. What is it and how can I be removed?

The BOG Blocklist, managed through @TheBlockListBot, is a measure that our staff takes against anyone who performs harmful actions within groups or against other users (spam, storm, scam, ...). To be removed from the Blocklist or for more information about it, contact us at @BOGSupportBot.

What are the payment methods that you accept to donate for the project?

At the moment we only accept PayPal and Credit/Debit cards, and we thank you in advance for your donation.

There is a bug, how can i report it?

Join our Support Group and report it writing #bug TEXT.

FastlyWrite is not sending words in my group, how can i solve it?

Send the /fw command in your group and then send us the chatid of the group to the Support Bot and wait for a response.

Can i help with the translation of the services into my language?

Yes, you can, just send a request through this bot, specifying the language in which you want to translate the services, the language-code and the emoji of the corresponding flag, and wait for a response.

How can I see the status of the various bots?

You can see the current status of the various services through our dedicated pages

โ€ข @BOGStatus

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Translations Info

Next you can find the info on how to help us with the translations of the bots